An URGENT REMINDER. Back in September, the Arts Ministry asked us how improvements could be made to the Indigenous art industry.

You now have just four days to complete that assessment.

What do you think?
1. What practical actions do you think will assist to rebuild the market in a sustainable way?
2. What do you like or dislike about how the market currently works?
3. What questions would you like answered in the Productivity Commission study?
4. Different words have different meanings for different people. Should we use ˜Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’ or ˜First Nations people’ in the Action Plan?
5. What do you understand ˜authentic Indigenous art’ to mean? What type of artwork should be included in this definition?
6. What skills do you think are important in the industry? What ways do you build those skills? What would help you to build those skills?
7. Do you get the support and materials you need from your art centre?
8. Is there more that can be done to encourage the development of Indigenous-owned and operated businesses in the industry?
9. What can be done to assist artists to better connect with the art market?
10. How can digital technologies overcome the challenges of remote locations?
11. How significant has selling artwork online been for your art centre through COVID-19? How could you improve how your art centre sells work online?
12. Is there more that needs to be done to engage with the international arts market as well as tourists in Australia?
13. If overseas activities were to be supported, would this assist in engaging in the international market and do you consider this should be a priority
14. Is the current framework protecting Indigenous cultural expressions good enough?
15. Should there be a mandatory Indigenous Art Code? If so, how do you think that should work?
16. Do you like the idea of a certification trademark scheme for authentic products? How do you think it should work?
17. Do you like the way the Resale Royalty Scheme works?
18. Is there more that could be done to increase awareness of moral, cultural and intellectual property rights?
19. How do you think that Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property protections could work in practical terms?

Answers before 18th December.

Any questions for the authors? Write to:
Visual Arts and Design Section
Office of the Arts
GPO Box 2154