In Malaysia:

AWARD-winning Maida Stewart is one of the Australian aboriginal artists whose paintings are currently on display in the Beyond the Dots exhibition at Pace Gallery.

Stewart decided to combine a holiday in Malaysia with travelling here with the exhibition.

As a health care worker for Aboriginal Health Care Services in Australia, Stewart has an interest in the health care of indigenous people. Concern for the plight of indigenous children the world over and conversations with people she has met since arriving in Malaysia has prompted Stewart to devote her holiday to an art project for Malaysia’s orang asli children: she is making a painting to donate to raise funds for a project benefiting local orang asli children.

The acrylic painting, with a similar graphic-based design with her award-winning painting displayed in the exhibition, is inspired by yet an aboriginal ancestral event.

The painting-in-progress can be viewed at the Pace Gallery in Petaling Jaya.