Excitement on TV this week perfectly timed for the increasingly prevalent lockdowns. The excellent 4-part TV series, ‘First Footprints’, by Bentley Dean and Martin Butler is being re-run on NITV – Thursday evenings at 7.30pm.

The success of the series lies in its balancing act between the understandings of First Nations elders and the researches of professional archaeologists, anthropologists etc. And it’s amazing how often they find agreement and harmony in their reflections on Aboriginal history. When you think about it, this is the only way we can reflect on 55,000 years of Australian history when all but 0.42% of it is unrecorded in written form.

Here’s what I thought about ‘First Footprints’ back in 2013. The first two episodes…..

and then episodes three and four…..

Perhaps this TV series can help to alleviate the disappointment in Sydney at the cancellation of the 2021 National Indigenous Art Fair due to take place next weekend, July 3-4 at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in The Rocks, to kick off NAIDOC Week.