Over 100 lots: Early India, Chinese, Southeast Asian, Islamic, Indus Valley, Gandharan, Khmer, art and antiquities. Art and Artefacts from, Australian, Oceania, and Africa.

The highlights include;*Early Indian sculpture from Rajasthan dating 10 – 12th Century AD.*An outstanding collection of Khmer, *Gandharan and Indus Valley antiquities of *museum quality and importance.*A superb collection of Southeast Asian antiquities including early bronze sculptures of Buddha from *Tibet, Thailand and Burma.*Superb Chinese sculpture and antiquities dating from the early Han and Qi Dynasties. *A collection of early Ethnographic Pacific Island artefacts * African tribal art. *Classical Antiquities from, Rome, Egypt, Islam and the Holylands. *Fine Australian Aboriginal artefacts, paintings on bark and canvas. *An excellent range of material culture from the Pacific basin, sculpture, weaponry and body ornaments.