James Massola from the Canberra Times lets readers in the ACT know that the Emily Kngwarreye exhibition is returning to Canberra:

After a ground-breaking tour of Japan that took in Osaka and Tokyo, Utopia: The Genius of Emily Kame Kngwarreye is coming to Canberra.

The exhibition, which will open on August 22, features more than 100 works by Kngwarreye, drawn from 65 collections around the world.

According to exhibition curator Margo Neale, Kngwarreye forged a path that other indigenous Australian artists have since been able to follow.

She said Kngwarreye’s work had been acclaimed around the world as modern abstract masterpieces but there was more to the paintings than people might first realise.

”Aboriginal art does transcend cultures. It was so well received in Japan, for example, it transcends time in a way, too,” Ms Neale said.