East Gippsland Aboriginal Arts Corporation (EGAAC) have hit the ground running after a very successful 2007.

Over the past year sales and visitors (local, national and international) have increased dramatically. We are being recognized as a place to visit not only by tourists to the area but also – very pleasingly – the local community, who then recommend a visit to their guests and friends with pride of what our region has to offer.

At last East Gippsland Indigenous Artists are being recognized for their culture and beautiful artworks echoing both past and present, in both traditional and contemporary genres.

Collectors both domestic and overseas are recognizing the value of purchasing these unique pieces, as well as the casual and first time visitor. All are seeking to learn more about

Aboriginal Culture, and leave the gallery with a little more insight, and a fabulous piece of unique art they have proudly purchased.

At present we are working on a website and hope to launch this in the coming months. We also have external exhibitions programmed:

The Gippsland Art Gallery, SALE
Nirmba Gidi Quarenook
Blak Swans Gatherin’
FRIDAY 29 February at 2.oo pm
Featuring Young Spirits Dance Group
Welcome to Country by Elder Auntie Katey Bryant
Image: Kurnai Dreaming, Charlotte (Penny) Hood
Exhibition Dates: 23 February to 30 March 2008