Discover the outback in a 4×4 guided tour and go beyond the beaten track, as well as visit some of Central Australia’s most recognised Aboriginal art centres – Ikuntji, Warlukurlangu, Papunya, Haasts Bluff and Amata, Ernabella, Fregon, and Iwantja in the APY Lands.

You’re sure to make some great friends on this remote outback experience as you get to enjoy the stunning scenery, the vast stillness of the outback and its great pleasures with fellow Aboriginal art enthusiasts.

Your guides, who have worked with Australian Aboriginal Elders and communities for more than 20 years, will share their knowledge of Aboriginal Culture and spirituality of the land.

You will visit the Devils Marbles, a beautiful Australian place, rich in history. Then onto the area of Utopia, known for its famous artists, in particular, the Petyarre sisters. Further along, and up the famous Tanami Track, you will stop at Tillmouth Well, known as the ‘Oasis of the Tanami’.

Right at the heart of Australia’s Red Centre is the spectacular Kings Canyon. Here you’ll walk among layers of sandstone and shale soaring 270 metres above sea level, and at its base is a lush flora, fed from the natural rock pools, known as the ‘Garden of Eden’.

At Cooper Pedy you’ll have the chance to view more Aboriginal artworks as well as the town’s underground museums and displays, which include opalized marine life and plesiosaurs – a reminder that the Central Australian region was once at the bottom of an ocean.

Lake Eyre, a salt lake so vast it’s catchment area crosses over three state borders, is at the lowest point in Australia (49ft below sea level). It’s on the cards, if the Lake’s flooding, that you’ll also have the chance of taking a flight to view the wonder of it coming to life. (So remember to bring a black shirt with you to wear to reduce any reflection on aircraft windows for better photos.)

Then experience the famous Oodnadatta Track and the beginning of the 517km Birdsville Track as you arrive in Marree, a small town home to the Dieri Aboriginal people, which lies at the junction.

Down the Stuart Highway, alongside the path of the famous Ghan, you will drive through Port Augusta to end this most memorable trip in Adelaide.

Described as “well organised from booking to return”, participants say what they remember most is, “the good food, good company, lots of local information about places and peoples, a spirit of co-operation and fun, seeing amazing scenery, experiencing the vivid light, the night sky and changing colours of the country, plus the beautiful art at Aboriginal communities and on the ancient rocks.” Oh, and “opening our eyes to the beauty, depth of history of Central Australia.”

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