A new film about forgery in the Aboriginal Art world will begin filming shortly.

Quoted from the article:

A new film about forgery in the Aboriginal art world will begin shooting in central WA after the project got the green light from the land’s traditional owners.

Dingo Dreaming began pre-production today after more than two years of discussions with the Wongi People of Wiluna in remote WA, regional businesses and private investors.

Written by W. John Hackwell, Dingo Dreaming stars American actor Charles Matthau, son of legendary actor Walter Matthau, and former Australian heavyweight boxing champion Joe Bugner.

The film, produced by RLC Motion Pictures, centres around a prominent Jewish-American art appraiser who travels from New York to a remote Aboriginal town in outback Australia to authenticate a collection of Aboriginal paintings.

His outback adventure quickly descends into a desperate struggle for integrity as he unravels an ingenious forgery.