Peter Fish talks about upcoming auctions for East Australian Trading Consolidated and Sotheby’s.

Quoted from the article:

On Sunday, August 17, Guy Earl-Smith’s East Australian Trading, based in Double Bay, will hold a typically eclectic auction that willinclude Aboriginal, African and Oceanicmaterial along with Indian, Khmer, Gandharan and Middle Eastern wares. There will also be a section of natural history specimens such as fossils and shells, which have attracted quite a following.

A one-time tribal art specialist at Lawsons, Earl-Smith holds “rolling sales”, whereby unsold material is regularly reoffered, and where the sale in the room is teamed with live bidding on eBay.

Sotheby’s has rescheduled its normally very upmarket Aboriginal and tribal art sale to Sydney on October 20 because of local sensitivities over early Aboriginal art from Victoria being offered in its home state. Its Aboriginal art specialist, Tim Klingender, is playing his cards close to his chest at the moment but a couple of nice shields and baskets were on show in the foyer of the firm’s Woollahra offices last week.