A fantastic article about Indigenous photographers from COFU:

Historically Australian Indigenous art has been perceived by many to be hampered by its cultural and national perceptions. It continues to be dealt with in a way in which there is a selective reverence of spirituality and story telling. Thus disregarding its political and social history and the realities that are faced now by its people. The perception of ˜Aboriginal Art’ being confined to, painters and sculptors working in remote settlements, being classified as art from a ˜primitive culture’, ˜ritualistic’ and ˜tribal’, are restrictive and naïve considering its position within such an active contemporary arts environment.

It is more a reflection of a culture’s strong and independent heritage, a people who have experienced being marginalised from their own cultures and belief systems, yet are now transforming the process of aesthetic expression into an expression of self-determination. Contemporary Indigenous artists are re-positioning both the art and culture of proud independent and diverse Indigenous peoples within Australia’s contemporary socio-political culture and art scene.