In its 27th year, the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAAs) inaugurated a sixth category. The ˜New Media Award’ required artists to submit works reflecting the theme ˜connections’ with the stated aim to provide ˜a national platform for indigenous artists working with new technologies and cross-disciplinary areas’.

Connections could be considered the general theme of every NATSIAA. Each year connection to country is propounded though works from remote communities, while disruptions, dislocations and reconnecting with lost or fractured cultures is commonly addressed by Indigenous artists having grown up on missions, as well as those working in the more densely settled regions outside the so-called Rowley line frontier.

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Artist: jimmy donegan, tjungkara ken, tiger palpatja, nellie stewart , dickie minyintiri, katjarra butler, harry tjutjuna, sally gabori, timothy cook, mabel juli, jan billycan, carol mayaatja golding, milatjari pumani, sandra hill, danie mellor, ian abdullah, dinni kunoth kemarre, djirrirra wunungmurra, glen namundja, garawan wanambi’s marrangu, nawurapu wunungmurra, girringun artists, aroha groves, bindi cole, gary lee, reko rennie, violet hammer, denis nona, wukun wanambi, zugub alick tipoti, clara nganjmirra, lena yarinkura, dolly dhimburra bidingal, merrill girrabul, ian waldron, joanne currie, rex milton greeno

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Tags: aroha groves , bindi cole , carol mayaatja golding , clara nganjmirra , danie mellor , denis nona , dickie minyintiri , dinni kunoth kemarre , djirrirra wunungmurra , dolly dhimburra bidingal , garawan wanambi’s marrangu , gary lee , girringun artists , glen namundja , harry tjutjuna , ian abdullah , ian waldron , jan billycan , jimmy donegan , joanne currie , katjarra butler , lena yarinkura , mabel juli , merrill girrabul , milatjari pumani , nawurapu wunungmurra , nellie stewart , reko rennie , rex milton greeno , sally gabori , sandra hill , tiger palpatja , timothy cook , Tjungkara Ken , violet hammer , wukun wanambi , zugub alick tipoti ,

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