Cherbourg Time
Young Black and Deadly Art

The Block QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove (how to get here)
Dates 7 to 16 August 2008
Info 07 3138 5495

Ratartat has been going to Cherbourg since 2003, working with the children of the Cherbourg State School, and its broader community, to make artworks that tell yarns about Cherbourg.

The children have drawn themselves and their place; painted pictures on paper, board and walls; made many sculptures, some that travelled with them to Melbourne and back; told stories that became books through screen printing, mono-printing and collage.

Inside and outside the school there is visual evidence that these childrean are strong, smart and creative; that evidence is coming to Brisbane in a huge exhibition of five years of their artworks.

In all the artwork the imagination of all the young artists sings out loud and is proof that Cherbourg time is time well spent.

Curated by Geoff Bonney and Peter Widmer.