Indigenous art and craft is an expression of culture.

Artists from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities all around Australia produce work that may be recognisable as Indigenous.

However the range of styles and subject matters are diverse.

This guide aims to help you make an informed decision in purchasing Indigenous art and art products.

You can show your support through buying arts, crafts and souvenirs from galleries and shops who subscribe to the Code. By doing so you are acknowledging Indigenous artists and their rights in receiving fair payment and ethical treatment.

Use this checklist to help ensure you are buying Indigenous art that is produced and sold in an ethical manner.

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  1. If the gallery or shop is located within the City of Melbourne, has it adopted the Code of Practice for galleries and retailers of Indigenous art?
  2. Buying artwork from a gallery “ Is the artwork produced by an Indigenous person?
  3. Buying crafts and souvenirs from a shop “ Where was the art product made?
  4. Is there an Indigenous organisation involved?
  5. Does the artwork or art product have an arts centre or cooperative logo or label?
  6. Certified artworks.
  7. Does the artist have a belonging or association with the imagery?
  8. Copyright