The NT News today reports that “unscrupulous dealers are dumping low-quality Aboriginal art on the internet, exploiting artists and dragging the industry down“.

The article talks to several galleries, eBay and an online store about fakes in the market and the differing quality of Aboriginal art on the internet.

Alison Bevege and the interviewed galleries discuss George Ward Tjungarrayi as an example.

For buyer’s that have read this article and are concerned, a quite search on the Aboriginal Art Directory for George Ward Tjungarrayi will quickly show where his works are available. This tool cuts down many hours for buyer’s wanting to do their research.

Other solutions apart from buyer education include IdenteArt and buying from an accredited Aboriginal Art Centre. The Aboriginal Art Directory has lists of Desart, Western Desert Mob and ANKAA members for its users to browse.

In the meantime the debate continues.



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