More reports about the withdrawal of artworks from six art centres in Central Australia.

Quoted from the article:

Organisers of the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards went to ground yesterday after The Australian revealed works from six Aboriginal art centres had been withdrawn.

The works, all short-listed for the final round, were pulled following rumoured ethical concerns from the centres about other entrants in the competition.

It is believed the origins of the dispute go back two years, when a prominent private dealer took over the operations of a western desert art centre in competition with other community-owned art centres.

Darwin gallery owner Karen Brown yesterday called on the art centres to explain their reasons for withdrawing their works from an event aimed at celebrating leading Aboriginal art. “Withdrawing their artists is insulting all the other artists (in the awards) as well,” Ms Brown said.

“Let’s get together in the industry and discuss it. This is a time of celebration of great artists and great work.”