The exhibition BLAKATTAK brings together the talents of Blak Douglas aka Adam Hill and Adam Geczy again, and follows the large-scale exhibition BOMB, held at the AAMU (Museum of Contemporary Aboriginal Art), Utrecht in 2013.

While BOMB dealt with the prejudice toward Aboriginal culture by white Australia, BLAKATTAK looks at the diversity and behaviour of Aboriginal artists, and how they are received by curators and collectors. And running through the art is the sense of non-awareness about Aboriginal history, rights, and of ongoing problems.

BLAKATTAK comprises wall paintings and sculptural objects, along with the humour we have come to expect from Blak Douglas. Have a look at some of the works he has in the exhibition – and what he says about each:

Originally exhibited in the NCCA, Darwin in 2013 as part of the exhibition, Treaty, Yeah? This is an outdoor chess set where the whites and the black are at a ‘different game’, and where the blacks are at a disadvantage. (Top)

AUSFAILURE (painted wall mural)
An abrasive re-naming of the illegal States & Territories of the Colony. This large-scale wall mural produced in the colours of the Australian flag seeks to invoke a ‘smack in the chops’ reminder of what it represents. School curriculums still rarely make direct reference to ‘massacres’, ‘genocide’ and ‘police brutality’. All the while, we’re hard pressed to name but THREE Indigenous language groups upon this great southern land. (Image below left)

DEADFERN (projected photo series)
Having resided on Redfern Street for a good part of the past decade, I’ve witnessed the absolute gentrification of The Block and the relocation of many of the suburbs long-standing residents. Attending each successive TJ Hickey Memorial, the ‘Coloured Digger’ marches and even the (ahem…) ‘SORRY’. The refurbishment of Redfern Park, Redfern Street and the construction of the ILC building on Cope Street and the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence. (Below right)

If you can’t make it to BLAKATTAK you can see more of Blak Douglas’s work in our Gallery. But try and get there if you can, it will be well worth it.