Ivy Shiue writes about an exhibition at Muru Mittigar.

From the post:

Then it came the Q & A time. Many ppl asked different questions such as How many ppl live in the traditional way? How many aboriginal ppl are there? Will you negotiate with the gov to take back your land? ¦ then when it came to quietness, I raised my hand, What if the young generation refuses to learn from the traditional ways? He looked at me deeply and said, Well, look, so I started from giving them the traditional names. And I taught them the old cultures. Like me, I have 9 kids. I still believe, once they get more used to the other culture, they would easily lose the original one. But it’s very important as for example, our language is dying¦ I agreed with him so I nodded. But in the mean time, his words were like big shock to me as well. As I am more used to the life here, am I losing my original one? Soon, I thought of my Mom’s words, Being adapted to another new culture doesn’t mean you lost or gave up the original one. You cant accept the new one all for you need to distinguish the good from the bad. You are to improve and progress yourself.