Australian art seems to be the flavour of this week. Everywhere we can see reviews of ˜Desert Dreamings’ “ an exhibition of works by 43 ethnic artists, from Yuendumu, a remote part of Central Australia. Unfortunately, the exhibition mounted at India Habitat Centre, closed on 12th April. I would have wanted more people to see these unique creations, which are particularly enriching for those of us practicing abstract art. We can certainly learn a thing or two from these aboriginal artists.

Two years ago, during a visit to Melbourne, I remember how impressed I was to see some wonderful examples of aboriginal art, at The Museum of Modern Art. So vivid and colourful were these works, that I had to literally tear myself away from the gallery where they were displayed.

At the time, I remember thinking that there were distinct similarities in their style and our Madhubani paintings. We must thank the Warlukurlangu Art Centre “ an artist’s cooperative in Australia that helps in promoting aboriginal art ” for giving us an opportunity to see this wonderful exhibition.