The Lorton Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia is opening and everyone is getting ready. Ron Acker from Gallery Sydney-East talks about the Aboriginal Art Exhibit:

Ron Acker, curator of the Grand Opening Aboriginal Art Exhibit and director of Gallery Sydney-East at the Workhouse Arts Center, said he was anxious to see what locals thought of the collection of authentic Aboriginal paintings he would be displaying.

“The thing that I will find very interesting is what the reception will be for clients based here on the East Coast with a very, very abstract presentation,” said Acker, calling the Australian-based style “an existential and cosmological concept.”

All the pieces, collected from Aboriginal art communities across the Australian Outback, are available to admire and, if the mood strikes, to purchase. Acker’s lease with the Workhouse is for three years, but he said that he would strongly consider the maximum five-year lease offered by the center to applicant artists. He praised the potential for the enterprise.

“I think that the Workhouse is going to be the cultural jewel of Northern Virginia in a short period of time,” said Acker.