From before-time “¦ san’beach people “¦ we talk in the sand. Today-now “¦ those old girls “¦ you go out camping with one or two of them old girls “¦ sit down round the fire “¦ they just yarn ’bout before-time. They go yarn and draw in the sand. They know everything from before-time. They know family ways “¦ how you’re related “¦ which family side you’re from “¦ who you can go with. They know country for everyone too “¦ land country “¦ sea country. They yarn for we’pla young ones “¦ so we understand “¦want us to know “¦ we’ll have to yarn for our kids and grandkids. Those old girls “¦ they sit there on san’beach “¦ draw in the sand to show us young ones “¦ we got to understand.