Anguburra, also known as Patsy Lulpunda from Mowanjum in the West Kimberley, sadly passed away at the age of 102. Her Wororra name “˜Anguburra“’ refers to the native honeybee that produces the most exquisitely tasting honey. It was a delightful and most fitting name for a woman whose sprightly and spirited engagement with life extended her autumn years beyond all expectation. During the last decade of her life Patsy Lulpunda lived on the Price Regent River near Mowandjum and created hair belts, stone axes and other items of material culture. Her first paintings were created at the age of 100 years during a workshop organized in 1998.

Anguburra witnessed and experienced great cultural transformations during her long life, given her presence when Wororra culture was yet to experience the influence and impact of European culture.