Painted at Pensioners Unit Warmun Queenie was born on Old Texas Station in 1930 and raised there as a child. This painting encapsulates many of the memories and the landscape of Queenie“’s childhood.
Along the bottom of the painting is “˜Blackfella“’s Creek“’ as it winds in and out beside the sandy creek beds. The white ochre represents the sand on the floor of the creek bed as it fades to red and waves in and out of the trees. Just past this are the hills of Old Texas Station. The hills are depicted in various colours, but there is one particular hill (the white one) where the white quartz, that is part of her dreaming, comes from. That is the Corella or Echnida dreaming site. There are sharp, white flakey stones here that were used as spear heads and cutting implements in the old days. The trees are the old ghost gums that grow up there which take on various shapes and forms. Queenie explained that the grey sky represented the night time coming. There was an anthill on the way to this place. It was small when she as a little girl and they grew bigger and bigger together throughout her life.