“œBrother I don“’t understand
what“’s happened to the Koori man
they took the weapons from my hand
but it“’s much more“¦“

Free to be a Man, Archie Roach 2009

I’ve envisaged the ultimate weapon of attack on colonial “Australia” for years now. Something stylish and with attention to detail designed to bring down the most feared and powerful monster. Just as Dracula or a werewolf require a silver bullet, I felt the evil politician requires a silver tipped spear.

Originally a hand-carved spear from Yuendumu I“’d purchased on my first trip there during the year 2001. It seemed intended more as an ornamental object due to its weight and symmetrical finish.

Through regular transactions on PayPal, frequently observing their logo, it hit me. So I stylised the existing logo and began the meticulous process of carving and then moulding the resin versions.

Blak Douglas, 2019