This work is Alick Tipoti’s first self portrait. Alick Tipoti is a Torres Strait Islander who is guided by the traditional cultural practices of his people.

He has been given the traditional name of Zugab which enables him to relate to the spirits of his ancestors, the Zugubal. This provides him the insight and ability to translate the words of these ancestors into the beautifully delicate and complex imagery of his linocuts. ‘When I work late at night carving traditional designs, I can sense the presence of the spirits who I verbally acknowledge and thank in language for their guidance and help in visualising the words they have given me. I vividly remember an unusual event late one evening where I was guided to resketch and change the interperation of a block I was about to carve. This was just one of the many occasions when I have connected with the Zugubal who have instructed me on the proper ways of our cultural traditions.’

Alick holds an Advance Diploma in Arts, Thursday Island TAFE College and a Batchelor of Visual Arts, Australian National University, Canberra.

Image size: 184x120cm
Paper size: 200×122.5cm