This artwork is part of a special slideshow feature for the fundraising auction Ochre: Supporting Indigenous Health through Art at Mossgreen Auction House, Melbourne Australia. This auction is held on Tuesday 14th October, 2008 at 5.30-8.30pm. RSVP Essential by Monday 6th October to +61 3 9726 0551.

On this particular bark painting, John Mawurndjul has depicted sacred sites at Milmilngkan. Yes, this is the site at Milmilngkan and these represent water, you can see here. The water comes out (the little round dots are water/springs). They are springs. The water comes out at Milmilngkan and there are springs there surrounded by water pandanus (Pandanus aquaticus) where the water comes out of the ground. This might be caused by rainbow serpents which live under the ground there. This is all cross-hatched here. The cross-hatching represents the country there. That“’s what happens there. I“’ve recently seen the water coming up out of the ground there.

© John Mawurndjul and Maningrida Arts And Culture