Stones can be used for marking a boundary or marking a sacred site.
Sometime stones are used for blaming or finding out who killed someone.
When an elder died someone would have to be blamed. All the men from the tribe and even some other young men from other tribes would have to put a stone under the dead mans body which was up on the wood platform or in a tree.
Soon the mans blood and guts would start dripping in the heat. Only the elders could check the stones. My grandad said that how the elders kept the power. They would always make sure the blood dripped on the young strong warriors stone so he would get the blame. This all stopped at Kunmunya Mission. A bloke called (scribbled out word) stood up and said “there will be no more placing of stones”.
All the young men were very happy. All the elders were angry. We don’t do it anymore now.