Lanita Numina paints predominantly, desert flowers. Her style is wonderfully impressionistic, not unlike the other famous family of painters from Utopia, the Ngale sisters. Like all Utopia art from the beginnings of the batik movement through, the explosive impact of Kngwarreye and Pwerle to the new work by emerging artists, the art of Utopia is constantly inventing and re-inventing itself. Lanita“’s use of colours is soft and soothing as she paints the plants and flowers of her desert county. Grass seeds, munyeroo (a pink portulaca flower), acacia (wattle) and desert raisins (small purple-flowering bushes), the fruits of which can be eaten fresh or dried and are stored by desert women over long periods. The photograph below on exhibition opening night shows Lanita painting works, in a contemporary style as well as more traditional ones with the powerful iconography of her Ancestral journeys.