Bu Ka Palgie is a cameo from the epic tale visualised by the artist in his earlier, now iconic, two metre handcoloured linocut titled Sesserae.

Sesserae introduced Badu Islanders to the discovery, hunting and cooking of dugong. The legend tells of how Sesserae tried to keep this discovery to himself and not share his good fortune with other villagers on the island. His duplicity was discovered and warriors were dispatched to seek retribution.

Sesserae possessed the ability to transform himself from human form into that of a Willy Wagtail bird. He used this power to escape the wrath of the warriors sent to kill him. A battle ensued and as Sesserae was about to be overcome he took refuge in the conch or Bu shell depicted in the print. However the warriors smashed the shell. Sesserae escaped but was unable to transform back into human form and exists today as a flighty, cheeky bird that prefers his selfish ways not sharing with others.