Jane Raffan, former Head of Aboriginal Art at Shapiro, has launched ArtiFacts, a consultancy practice focused on delivering dependable and expert advice in the specialist field of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art.


Services include collection management, market advice, and appraisals and valuations. Raffan has over 20 years experience in the sector and is an accredited valuer for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts program.


The ArtiFacts website offers comprehensive resources for collectors, including links to over 100 art centres nationwide; Indigenous art fairs and prizes; updates on droit de suite and other regulatory matters; and links to benefaction programs.


Jane Raffan has been active in the arts sector for twenty years. Prior to joining the commercial arts sector with Shapiro (formerly Phillips International), Jane worked in Collection Management at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for six years. At Shapiro, Jane Raffan steered the development of Aboriginal art in the company’s corporate profile. In 2005 the company was selected to host the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ fundraising auction to assist indigenous causes on behalf of the Charles Perkins Children’s Trust, which raised close to $1million dollars.