A GROUP of Toowoomba youths has discovered how to reconnect with their ancestors through the power of traditional Aboriginal art.

Renowned Aboriginal artist Peter “Muraay Djeripi” Mulcahy has been running workshops with at-risk students from the Youth Community Learning Centre in Toowoomba.

He said the workshops were a way to connect the students with their own stories.

“Where these kids are right now might not be the best part of their lives,” he said.

“But by learning the important messages, which can be taught through traditional Aboriginal artworks, they can learn valuable life lessons.”

He said whether the children were from Aboriginal descent or not was not important: it was the message that was they key.

“It doesn’t matter if you are Aboriginal or Chinese or whether you have been in Australia for your whole life or three weeks, Australian Aboriginal culture is part of all of us and we can all become more Australian by learning the history of our native people,” he said.

“These kids have responded so well to these lessons. Out of all of the classes I have taken, I honestly believe that these guys are the best I have ever taught.”