In July 2007 a unique partnership began between the Water Corporation and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Last night this partnership won a WA AbaF Award for its contribution to environmental sustainability.

The partnership explores the use of artistic and creative expression to enhance awareness about water, tracing its past, present and future value in our community. The partnerships’ vision is to engage audiences, foster awareness and inspire a vision for a sustainable future. The partnership has also been a great success in strengthening the Water Corporation’s community identity and message, and promoting the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s State Art Collection.

Water Corporation and Gallery staff selected works from the State Collection, based on a range of themes including sustainability, usage, water as a force of nature and spirituality. The result is the Water Walk Trail, a self-guided trail and tour brochure which offers a meaningful visitor activity for families and Gallery visitors from a broad spectrum of ages. The collaborative development and implementation of the Water Walk continues, with a ˜refreshed’ Water Walk, new public programs and school-based art activities that cater to three levels of the curriculum; lower primary, upper primary and lower secondary schools.

The Water Walk is also integrated with Gallery displays and exhibitions for arts-themed water entertainment and creative activities for Gallery Family Days.