A post in Thriving in the desert about tips before buying Aboriginal Art. This is a great read. Some of the suggestions include:

  1. Ask the gallery which Art Centres they support. Then check with the Art centre to confirm.
  2. Does the gallery offer a certificate of authenticity from the Art Centre or do they supply their own?
  3. Does the gallery know about and/or do they support the NAVA (National Association of the Visual Arts) Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct? If they do support the code how are they implementing it into their business framework? Ask for a copy of their gallery policy?
  4. Does the gallery belong to any associations, such as the Australian Commercial Gallery Association?

Quoted from the post:

Remember you can make a powerful contribution to the well-being of an artist, their family and community if you buy their artwork or craft ethically. You can help a community enterprise stay strong and support the empowerment of Aboriginal people.