18 April–12 May 2007
Rosella Namok, Ngaachi Bla Mepla (Our Country) 21 March–14 April 2007

Katarina Vesterberg, Reverie 21 February–17 March 2007

Leonard Brown, Petrified Time: paintings and monoprints 6 December–23 December 2006

Leonard Brown, Dennis Nona, Alick Tipoti and Kim Westcott, Into the Mystic: Black and White Prints 8 November–2 December 2006

Fiona Omeenyo, Big Step
11 October–5 November 2006

Fiona Foley, Black Friday
6 September–7 October 2006

Samantha Hobson, Land to Sea
26 July–19 August 2006

Stephen Killick, Comic Division
28 June–22 July 2006

Mostyn Bramley-Moore, Poco Mosso
7–24 June 2006

Aurukun Men, Sculptures
Aurukun Women, Fibre Works
19 April–20 May 2006

Tony Coleing, 27 Days
1 March–1 April 2006

Adrian King, My Family, My Home
Maureen Sandy, Antbits
Phillip Sandy, Creatures
13–24 December 2005

Craig Koomeeta, Paintings and Sculptures
16 November–10 December 2005

Silas Hobson, Coming Together
19 October–12 November 2005

Lincoln Austin, Relating the Matter
21 September–15 October 2005

Leonard Brown, In the Steppes of Central Asia
Sean Phillips, Night Writing
24 August–17 September 2005

Lisa Michl, Pinarrinch
13 July–13 August 2005

Sam Bullock, Through the Mind’s Eye
8 June–9 July 2005

Fiona Omeenyo, Mepla Go Long Way
4 May–4 June 2005

Katarina Vesterberg, Seaborne
30 March–30 April 2005

Rosella Namok, My Puuya … my life essence
23 February–26 March 2005

Fiona Foley, No Shades of White
Aurukun Artists, Paintings and Sculptures
24 November–11 December 2004

Tony Coleing, Just Words I Heard
20 October–13 November 2004

Deborah Walker, Clouds and Shadows
Old Asmat Shields—From the Dunlop Collection
22 September–16 October 2004

Todd Hunter, New Paintings
28 July–21 August 2004

Abbas Mehran, Chapter One
Krista Berga, It’s a Wonderful Life
30 June–24 July 2004

Stephen Killick, Elective Horizon
26 May–26 June 2004

Leonard Brown, Brisbane or the Bush
Lincoln Austin, Space Invaders
28 April–22 May 2004

Adrian King, Mepla Go Fishing
Fiona Omeenyo, Journey On
31 March–24 April 2004

Mostyn Bramley-Moore, Red Velvet
Joe Ngallametta, Kang’khan Brothers
10–27 March 2004

Rosella Namok, Kungkay Ma (Up North)
4 February–6 March 2004

Nicholas Hutcheson, All That Remains
19 November–13 December 2003

Lincoln Austin, Mostyn Bramley-Moore, Leonard Brown, Ian Friend, The Unusual Suspects
15 October–8 November 2003

Katarina Vesterberg, A Stranger’s Beach
17 September–11 October 2003

Samantha Hobson, Kalmaa-na waympa wimpa (From the Bush to the Sand Beach)
Year 4–7 students of the Lockhart River Primary School, Mepla … is us
22 August–13 September 2003

Kim Westcott, Anabranch
28 May–28 June 2003

Fiona Omeenyo, Wunnem Me For
9 April–10 May 2003

Fiona Foley, Samsara
19 March–15 April 2003

Sam Bullock, The Human Experience
26 February–15 March 2003

Ian Friend, Joy at Death Itself
22 January–22 February 2003

Leonard Brown, Paintings: Old and New
22 November–18 December 2002

Kim Westcott, Jane Hall, Fiona Foley, Leonard Brown, Far From Home
30 August–25 September 2002

Rosella Namok, Happen’ This Way
2 August–28 August 2002

Silas Hobson, Something Out There
5 July–31 July 2002

Leonard Brown, Songs of Ascent and Descent: paintings and collages
7 June–3 July 2002

Lockhart River art gang: (Samantha Hobson, Silas Hobson, Adrian King, Rosella Namok
and Fiona Omeenyo), Message Stick: Journey’s End
10 May–5 June 2002

Katarina Vesterberg, Objective desire
5 April–8 May 2002

Sam Bullock, Dreams and Realities
8 March–3 April 2002

Craig Koomeeta, North-West
Adrian King, North-East
23 November–21 December 2001

Andrea Higgins, Shayne Higson, Virginia Wallace-Crabbe, Contact
26 October–21 November 2001

Abbas Mehran, Searching into the past
28 September–24 October 2001

Fiona Omeenyo, My Story: Miiku, Parrot Sisters and Kuchuutu
31 August–26 September 2001

Ray Cook, The History of Love
3–29 August 2001

Deborah Walker, Happiness
6 July–1 August 2001

Tony Coleing, are you receiving me?
8 June–4 July 2001

Rosella Namok, mepla sarbie paint
20 April–19 May 2001

Leonard Brown, Love Life Paintings
16 March–18 April 2001

Mostyn Bramley-Moore, Weather
9 February–14 March 2001

Jane Hall, escapes
3 January–8 February 2001

Deborah Walker, Kim Westcott, Belinda Peel, Tony Coleing, Cameron Trethowan, Close to home
24 November–22 December 2000

George Gittoes, Across the Lines
27 October–22 November 2000

William Yang, Images
29 September–25 October 2000

John Nelson, Little Murders
Barbara Heath, Guardian Spirits
25 August–27 September 2000

Todd Hunter, New Paintings
21 July–23 August 2000

Sam Bullock, Stories and Observations
16 June–19 July 2000

Krista Berga, Everything Awake: New Paintings
12 May–14 June 2000

Samantha Hobson, From the Top
8 April–10 May 2000

Jane Hall, Deborah Walker, Kim Westcott, William Yang, Group Exhibition #2
3 March–5 April 2000

Krista Berga, George Gittoes, Todd Hunter, Virginia Wallace-Crabbe, Inaugural Exhibition