Opening: 6 8pm on Friday the 16th and will run until Monday 26th October.

Irrkerlantye Arts is proud to announce an exhibition of works titled Amangkeme at the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens on 16 October 2009.Works include screen printing techniques developed at Charles Darwin University, hand painted domestic and decorative ceramics, and textiles with hand printed bush tucker themes.

Works by MK Turner, Patsy Morton, Cathy Turner, Sharon Alice, Amelia Turner, Teresa Davies, Shirley Turner, Channi H Bell, Veronica Turner and Amanda Turner.

Further information: Benjamin Convery

ph: (08) 8952 2154


Artist: mk turner, patsy morton, cathy turner, sharon alice, amelia turner, teresa davies, shirley turner, channi h bell, veronica turner, amanda turner

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