Aboriginal culture has Always Been There – this is the theme addressed by five local Aboriginal artists showing works at the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery.

Fairfield mayor Nick Lalich opened the exhibition on Saturday, October 13, and said the exhibition has been 18 months in the making.

“Displaying artworks from local Aboriginal artists about their life experience can give the residents of Fairfield an opportunity to see it through their eyes,” Mr Lalich said.

“It is important for our community to recognise the traditional owners of the land and Fairfield City Museum and Gallery is doing a great job in showcasing this aspect of our culture.”

The exhibition contains works by Kerrie Kenton, Shaun Clayton, Auntie Marge Di Leeper and Stephen William. Always Been There: Showcasing Local Aboriginal Artists will run until November 11.

Where: Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, corner of The Horsley Drive and Oxford Street, Smithfield.

Cost: free.

Details: 96093993.