Welcome to the first issue of AboriginalArtDirect, the Aboriginal Art Directory Newsletter. Its been an exciting and challenging first four months for the Aboriginal Art Directory and we are thrilled to be able to bring you the first edition of our monthly newsletter. Our goal is to provide you with a thought-provocative newsletter on the events and trends in the industry.

In this edition our feature article by respected Aboriginal art journalist Jeremy Eccles examines three different exhibitions in three three continents and discusses the current and ever changing ways in which Aboriginal art and artists are received and appreciated, nationally and globally.

We would also like to introduce some new Aboriginal art features including our interactive vendor maps, now enabling you to navigate our comprehensive list of art centres, commercial galleries, auction houses and museums by geographical location. You can also now browse and learn more about Australian Aboriginal art and artists through our featured Artist Slideshows.

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We hope that you enjoy our first issue of AboriginalArtDirect.

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The Aboriginal Art Directory Team


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