ACT Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher MLA, today accepted the artwork ˜Possum Dreaming’ from an Aboriginal family, which has donated the painting as a way of thanking Canberra Hospital staff for the culturally sensitive care, commitment and professionalism provided to a family member.

The family wanted to express its appreciation to hospital staff who demonstrated care, commitment, compassion and professionalism, while acknowledging cultural diversity and sensitivities in their busy and demanding hospital environment.

“˜Possum Dreaming’ is a magnificent piece of art, which will be hung in a significant position within the hospital where staff, patients and relatives can appreciate its beauty,” Ms Gallagher said.

“The value of Aboriginal art to its people is in its expression of their stories and culture, and this artwork is a wonderful addition to the existing Aboriginal collection we have on display and will help create a culturally welcoming environment within the hospital for Aboriginal people.

“The donating family wishes to acknowledge the wonderful staff that cared for their loved one and supported their family, showing great flexibility in supporting the cultural practices necessary at their time of loss.

“On behalf of the Canberra Hospital I would like to thank the family for their very generous donation,” Ms Gallagher said.