Several Aboriginal artworks have been taken from a private home in Fremantle WA during the last week, part of a larger haul including international works. We have also recently received a report about an artwork taken between July and October 2015 from the Mansion Hotel & Spa in Werribee, Victoria. Details of all the works are:

Bill Whiskey, Rockholes from the Olgas (90x45cm)
Minnie Pwerle, Awelye – Atnwengerrp (120x88cm)
Jila and Jilji Wangkatjung Community Artwork, Home Country (280x205cm) (a significant work cut off the frame)
Amnanari Brown, Kulal (76x61cm)
Peggie Jones, Green Budgie, White Cockatoo (130x85cm)
Murlaya Anderson, Brookes, Grant, Underwood (142x133cm)
Yalka – Bush Onion Dreaming, Maureen Nampijinpa Hudson (137x132cm)
Willie Kew, Luurn
Judy Napangari Martin, Yarla My Mother’s Dreaming (142x72cm)
Clem Rictor, Tjundurn (90x70cm)

Daisy Kemarre Moss, Grasses

If anyone happens across them please notify the Fremantle police on 131 444 or for the Daisy Kemarre Moss work, Miranda Spain at the Werribee Police Station, 03 9742 9444.