Article about Aboriginal Art in Express India.

Quoted from the article:

The individual character of Aboriginal art lies in its depiction of the Western Desert region of Australia, its social activities, material culture, economy, environmental change, myth and religion. Creation myths, hunting scenes, dream sequences, diagrams of animals that look not just at their outward appearance, but also allude to their bone-structure and muscles, show a great understanding of life around them. It even records the arrival of the early colonisers with guns and boats entering the narrative of the artists.

The surviving Aboriginal artists of today have learned to market their art”which was hitherto used for a sacred purpose and rendered on rocky cave surfaces. Painted with natural dies, minerals and fruit extracts, they are now collected as a holiday souvenir. Today, Aboriginal artists have learnt to use acrylic paints and come up with startling colourful creations. Some of them adorn mugs and tee-shirts. But what keeps the aboriginal artists busy these days is leaving their marks on boomerangs.