Engineers Without Borders together with Dreamtime Elements are holding an exhibition of Aboriginal Art at 1st Floor Customs House, Circular Quay June 4th to June 8th 11.00am to 7.00pm Daily.

On Sunday 8th June 2008 we will be holding an auction from 4pm -7pm. Reserves at 50% of retail prices. Profits donated to Engineers Without Borders. Works by the following artists.

Barbara Weir, Sarrita King, Freddy Purla, Turkey Tolsen, Kudditji Kngwarreye, Johnny Hungut, Clayton Hunter, Evelyn Pultara, Katie Morgan,Lizzy Pwerle, Vincent Forrester, Abie Loy Kemarre, Tarisse King, Mitjili Naparrulam Michael Nelson Paddy Forom, Johnny W Emily Pwerlem Galya Pwerle Walangkura Napangka, William King, Malcolm Jagamarra, Gabrielle Possum, Bill Whiskey, and Eileen Napaitjarri.

Preview from June 4th 11am -7pm Daily Customs House Level 1

Wine & Finger Food on Sunday 8th June.

For further information contact:
Sheila Murphy


Artist: barbara weir, sarrita king, freddy purla, turkey tolsen, kudditji kngwarreye, johnny hungut, clayton hunter, evelyn pultara, katie morgan, lizzy pwerle, vincent forrester, abie loy kemarre, tarisse king, mitjili naparrulam, michael nelson, paddy forom, johnny w, emily pwerle, galya pwerle, walangkura napangka, william king, malcolm jagamarra, gabrielle possum, bill whiskey, eileen napaitjarri

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