In the small north-west Victorian town of Sea Lake there’s a tourist attraction called Lake Tyrrell. And until Covid it drew a large number of Chinese tourists – each attracted by the spectacle of a vast mallee sky being reflected in the still waters of the Lake. As the volley of tourist buses arrived, the 40 or 50 passengers would alight and take turns photographing each other standing in the water. Or were they floating in the sky? Do a search for Lake Tyrrell and you’ll see some spectacular results, photographs taken here are truly magical.

Developing Lake Tyrrell as a tourist destination was the work of one woman, Julie Pringle. In amongst a region wholly dominated by agriculture, the diminutive Pringle started publishing social media posts about Lake Tyrrell which sparked an interest that caused them to go viral. A whole new industry was born; B&Bs sprouted up, the local hotel was refurbished (from bottom up), and other businesses have since opened.

One of those businesses opened just three days ago and features a small but fully-fledged Aboriginal art gallery – another Julie Pringle initiative.

Walking through we see familiar names like Sandra Ken from APY and a monumental work by Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri (note: provenance needs to be advised).

A wonderful selection of wood carvings and paintings by local artists including Maureen Douglas complete the exhibition.

Come take a look…and perhaps take a photo of yourself ‘floating in the sky’ while you’re here.

Open 10-4.00pm daily at the Sea Lake Visitor Information Hub, 65 Calder Highway, Sea Lake, Victoria.