Items available include a range of textiles and clothing (scarves, lengths and t-shirts), fibre work (baskets), woodwork and artefacts (didgeridoos, coolamons, clap sticks, boomerangs and carved animals), animal products (carved emu eggs)and jewellery.

The Ceduna Arts & Culture Centre opened its doors in July 2001. The development of this business has been a great achievement for the Indigenous community in Ceduna and the Far West coast of Eyre Peninsula. The way in which the business is presented and operated is innovative and has encouraged Indigenous participation not only in the Arts, but also in the operation of a small business.

The Centre provides work placements for numerous CDEP clients. The artists have opportunities to be introduced and explore a variety of Art mediums through work placement at the Centre.

The Arts & Culture Centre has created positive outcomes in terms of providing a source of income for Artists and a level of economic independence. The Centre provides new skills workshops, training, materials, a working environment and facilities for the production of Indigenous visual arts. It is also an important venue for the promotion and selling of individual artists work.

The Centre has also given the Indigenous artists as far as Oak Valley, Maralinga, Yalata, Koonibba & Ceduna somewhere to display and sell their art works, there by, creating additional indirect flowons into the Aboriginal communities.