Tjungu Palya means working together in a good and happy way. At our Aboriginal art centre, Pitjantjatjara artists from the three communities of Kanpi, Nyapari and Watarru in the APY Lands come together to paint to earn money to support their families.

In the past 8 years since its incorporation in 2006, Tjungu Palya has grown to be a dynamic and innovative community art centre. Located about 100 km south of Uluru (Ayres Rock), Nyapari is set at the base of the majestic Mann Ranges in the heart of country traditionally owned by the Pitjantjatjara people. These ranges known to Anangu as Murputja, likening the mountain to the bony ridge of a person’s spine, are the source of many water holes and traditional camping places. The homelands of Kanpi, Nyapari, Watarru, Angatja, Umpukulu and Tjankanu have grown from these seasonal camping places into permanent settlements. Over fifty artists from Murputja joined together with family members living in traditional country 180 km to the south at Watarru and created Tjungu Palya, which translates as Good Together and refers to this collaboration between the homelands.