The Tiwi Art Network is an alliance between the three art centres on the Tiwi Islands: Munupi Arts & Crafts, Tiwi Design and Jilamara Arts & Crafts. It was formed in 1998 resulting in the employment of a Marketing Manager in July 2001. This is the first position of its kind in the Northern Territory.

The Network’s aims are to:

* Jointly market and promote Tiwi art
* Promote an understanding of Tiwi art
* Increase the financial returns to the Tiwi artists
* Expand market presence

The network has developed its own products including a range of Tiwi jewellery and printed silk scarves. One of its main activities is facilitating Tiwi Art tours where art enthusiasts are flown to the islands to visit the three art centres and meet the artists. The network has a showroom and office in Darwin.

The Tiwi Art Network is a not for profit Aboriginal Corporation. For every item of artwork sold, the bulk of the money is returned to the artist and the remainder is put back into the operations of the art centres and the Tiwi Art Network.