ReDot Fine Art Gallery was established in 2004 and it is the first Fine Aboriginal Art Gallery in Singapore, featuring a superb range of Aboriginal Art. The gallery represents artists from areas such as the Western Desert, Balgo Hills, Fitzroy Crossing, Papunya Tula, Ikuntji and other major centres, holding works of some of Australia’s most significant indigenous artists.

ReDot is committed to promoting the work of indigenous artists, and creating opportunities for a wider understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal Art and its culture. Furthermore, it is one of the aims of the gallery to explore the cultural diversity represented by Aboriginal Art and to actively promote a range of work that displays this rich variety of cultural expression.

All paintings are purchased in the primary art market (Art Centres) and the work is selected directly by the gallery principals in their frequent visits to communities in Australia. Every piece is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

ReDot offers a comprehensive service including fully documented submissions of works in stock and complete management of packing, freight and export arrangements, if necessary.

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