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Exploring Aboriginal Art & Culture
Want to understand more about Aboriginal art? Interested in collecting or investing?

Learn about Aboriginal Art & Aboriginal culture with a talk from a professional speaker who has first-hand knowledge gained by many years working with Aboriginal artists and their communities.

An art curator, Botanical artist and speaker on Australian Aboriginal art and culture, Jude Mayall has a lifetime of being involved in art both creatively and in day-to-day gallery management.

Jude has more than 15 years involvement in Australian Aboriginal art. She was a regular speaker on Understanding Aboriginal Art at the Centre of Adult Education for Victoria before moving to Queensland on the Sunshine Coast.

Many art lovers throughout the world are interested and fascinated how Australia’s indigenous people and the paintings of this ancient civilization have become a worldwide art movement. Jude has undertaken many speaking engagements throughout Australia and overseas. Often her speaking engagements accompany an exhibition of artworks.

She has curated exhibitions in Australia, the United States, Europe and Canada. Amongst those, an exhibition of Aboriginal art and sculpture featured in complimenting a new range of Outback Furniture in Australian timber for an American manufacturer, Kimbal Furniture, North Carolina, USA. She is a Special Interest and Destination speaker on the cruise ships touring the Pacific.

An exhibition depicting Australian native plants in Melbourne for Parks Victoria showcased some of Australia s finest Botanical artists.

Jude, herself, is an accomplished Botanical Artist was for 2 years artist-in-residence with Parks Victoria, Australia

Her informal talks on Aboriginal art and culture, her depth of knowledge and extensive experience, combine with many stories; sometimes tragic sometimes very funny, will help all those present understand and appreciate more the true spirit of Australia through its indigenous people and their art.