Artists at this centre specialise in works on paper and painting. The centre is located at Indulkana between Marla and Kulgera on the Stuart Highway in the far north of South Australia. Visitors are welcome.

We are at Indulkana Community on the APY Lands, northern South Australia. Postal address PMB 8 via Alice Springs NT 0872.

Iwantja Arts and Crafts is located in Indulkana just 8 km off the Stuart Highway 55km north of Marla in the far north of SA. It began in the 1970’s and has gone from strength to strength on the basis of its strong cultural identity and impressive output. Iwantja’s Gallery sells the artists paintings, prints and crafts at direct prices.

On APY Lands no permit is required for short visits.

Please see attached photo of a painting by Dianne Robinson, one of our up and coming artists.

Iwantja Gallery sells acrylic paintings on canvas and linen. Collograph and lino prints on paper. Hand made punu (wooden artefacts) woven baskets and tjanpi (grass/raffia) animals. We also stock a range of manufactured goods from our artist’s designs such as cards, bags and t-shirts.