Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse is owned by the local Imanpa Community, located 13 km from the Roadhouse at the base of the Basedow mountain range to the north. The lands surrounding the Mt Ebenezer Roadhouse are the traditional lands of members of the Imanpa community who are predominantly Yakunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara peoples.

Mount Ebenezer Gallery and Studio is a great place to purchase local art and craft. On weekdays, Artists from the local Imanpa community are picked up in the Roadhouse’s decorated bus and paint in the art studio for the day. The artists paint in the western desert ˜dot’ painting genre which are then hung in the gallery for sale. On display are also works from two other communities “ Blackstone in the Ngaanyatjarra homelands and Yuendumu in Walpiri country. Each have developed unique styles and works reflect stories from the Tjukurpa (dreaming) relevant to the artist.

Also available is a terrific selection of Punu, wooden carving, both painted and pyrographic “ traditional designs burnt into the wood using red-hot wire.

Jewellery made from seeds of local trees and painted in traditional motifs are particularly stunning and sought after.