www.apartment6.com.au, launched in december 2003, is an online art gallery, specialising in mid-late 20th century, contemporary, and indigenous australian art. it is the result of my passion for modern australian art, in all its forms.

since my first purchase at the age of 20, this passion has grown, along with my knowledge and understanding of australian art and its fascinating market. i believe that a great deal of the art currently being produced in australia is world class, and will be recognised as such in the years to come.

www.apartment6.com.au is a gallery without walls, open 24 hours a day, where you can spend as much or as little time viewing works as you wish.

the art available at www.apartment6.com.au has been sourced largely through the secondary market – although a number of works have also been purchased directly from galleries. i have collected the finest, strongest, rarest or most idiosyncratic pieces available to me. in short, i have done the research and the leg-work for you, to present – i hope – a mature, refined and powerful collection of works that will remain in strong demand.