Doongal Aboriginal Art hosts a stunning collection of local Aboriginal Rainforest Art as well as artwork from Central Australian Aboriginal artists.

Enjoy viewing one of the largest collections of Aboriginal art in Australia in a beautiful, relaxing environment at our Galleries right in the heart of Kuranda and the Esplanade, Cairns.

Aboriginal culture did not have a written language, instead their laws, stories and social behaviour was passed on in the form of song, dance and paintings.

Many well-known artists began their life traditionally and only as young adults had their first contact with Europeans. It is for this reason that the significance and value of their artwork is priceless. They represent the last generation to have lived the semi nomadic traditional lifestyle.

The Doongal Galleries also have a huge collection of locally made Didgeridoos and Boomerangs as well as a large range of other traditional artifacts to suit all budgets.